Moment & Motion

Day Thirteen: In this photo our worship team and dancers are leading us in our Sunday celebration. A lot of motion.

Sunday Celebration

In the photo below the dancers are having a meditative moment.

A Meditative Moment

A Pop of Color

Day Eleven: The following photos show the pop of color I used for an added touch in my living room with a neutral sofa. The vase speaks to me through the lines like a romantic language that I don’t understand but know it is singing a love song. It was love at first sight.

The throw is also red but a brighter shade. That’s ok with me because it warms me when I’m chilled and strikes a chord with the color.

Pop of Color


The wreath below was made for Christmas but I loved it so well it continues to hang on the inside front door for me to admire.

The wreath I love





Mystery & Lighting Effects

Day Ten: For me these photos were a sense of wonder and amazement. Walking to the kitchen I looked at the sun peering through the blinds and then looked at my table and chairs. The thought came to me that what I was seeing could possibly work for day ten. Because my camera wouldn’t work earlier this morning (probably operator error) I wasn’t sure it would this time. I was amazed when it did and I was satisfied with the outcome. So whether or not they fit the assignment please enjoy.

Soft Sunkiss
Nourishing Light
Sunlight Boldly Enters



Weekend One: Experiment with Composition

These are my photo’s from last weekend that I haven’t been able to post until now.


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I decided to experiment when I say there was an ability to create a slide show which I’ve never done before.

I did not know how to add a caption to the slide show but this is it if I knew how.

Captivating smiles that sweeps you into spring.

Solitude & the “Rule of Thirds”

Day Five: I’m to show what solitude means to me and present it in the “Rule of Thirds”.

One day I said to a friend and coworker that I wished there was a bench in the front area so I could go sit. Several days later a young man-one of the workers showed me a picture of the bench that he put where I wanted to sit. He also added plants, bushes and stone walkway to the bench. When the plants and bushes grow the area will be stunning.

The bench faces the busy freeway with vehicles speeding by or standing still in backed up traffic.

In the midst of all of that commotion there is peace and solitude that overrules any distraction.