Landscape & Cropping



Day Fifteen: Here is my cropped landscape of a photo I shot in the Japanese Garden. There were people on the right side opposite the tree so I eliminated them.




Writing 201: Poetry Assignment 9 Landscape


flew and flew and reached

my destination.

I’ll        lay back

and  enjoy the

Gondola ride          while the

handsome Gondolier

serenades me

throughout the     waterways of Venice.

Landscape – Mountaintop Experience

Mountains surrounded us everywhere we went in Italy. The scariest day was when we went up the mountain to see how cheese was made. We went around and up, around and up until we could look out the window and see no bottom to the drop off. I began to silently panic. Families were living in various places along the way. They were herding sheep, cattle and horses. I don’t know if they owned the land or leased it.

In spite of my fears it was simply beautiful and peaceful. I enjoyed viewing and photographing the mountains.

By the time we reached the top it started raining and rained the whole time we were up there. Creeping down the mountain in the rain was not a walk in the park. I’m sure my blood pressure hit an all time high. The ride down was more frightening than going up but we returned safely.

Going to the Mountaintop
Going to the Mountaintop