Glass, Squared

Day Seventeen: I happened to look at my glass lamp and saw the lit candle reflecting through it. So a light bulb flickered in my head and the thought came to me that it might work for this assignment. Hope you agree.

Reflecting Flickering Candle Light



Play with Light

Weekend Two: For the weekend assignment I wasn’t able to stay in one place all day but I did capture some changes in the sky in the following photos.

Breaking of Dawn
Mid Morning Rays
Early Afternoon 
Early Evening Sighting of the Moon as Day Comes to a Close.
Last Peek-a-Boo
Night Night



Mystery & Lighting Effects

Day Ten: For me these photos were a sense of wonder and amazement. Walking to the kitchen I looked at the sun peering through the blinds and then looked at my table and chairs. The thought came to me that what I was seeing could possibly work for day ten. Because my camera wouldn’t work earlier this morning (probably operator error) I wasn’t sure it would this time. I was amazed when it did and I was satisfied with the outcome. So whether or not they fit the assignment please enjoy.

Soft Sunkiss
Nourishing Light
Sunlight Boldly Enters



Weekend Two: Photography 101

Today I was up before dawn cracked the sky and found myself wandering the streets to find good photos to post. That was a big task because there is not much to photograph where I live. It was too dark to capture a statue I thought about. I made my way down the road to another place I thought about but it wasn’t right–I just wasn’t feeling it. I did capture a couple pictures on my way home. I passed the street to go home looking for something but didn’t know what. I saw a restaurant I thought might work. I snapped a few shots and went home.

I went back to the restaurant later to take more photos in the crab, cloudy weather that had overtaken the day. I got a couple decent ones. Not sure if these meet the requirement. Check out below.